Local brand in Vietnam driven by and produced for women.

I was contacted through my instagram by Libé in 2019. The girls wanted to create a collaborative collelction where I create new illustrations in my cheerful, motivating and inclusive style to be used on their clothing.

I was very careful to ask how they think about sustainability and how they work on this in their productions before signing the contract:

  • their collections are usually very small limited editions.
  • they buy left over textiles from the bigger brands and at the local market instead of producing new or importing from other countries.

I must mention the organisation by these girls during our product development was fantastic.


I looked at their brands usual colour scheme, which is different because they work with what left over textiles are available on the market. But commonly they used earthy tones which I wanted to stick to. 


LIBÉ has 3 shops in Ho chi minh city and 1 in Hanoi.


The motto of this collection printed in my handwriting. We looked for a sustainable producer of recycled paper for all the hangtags.


Designing artwork for young Vietnamese women, I wanted to pass on messages that I personally strongly believe in and constantly try to incorporate in my own daily life.

Team building

Work balance

Sustainable lifestyle

Life studdy

The art of friendship



Eco system


Self esteem