Hej(Hi) is’nt a word you say to yourself, nor is this a seat you use by yourself.

This is a piece of furniture for public spaces, to break the ice between strangers and make new contacts. You are affected by- and dependent on- each other to sit comfortably. By focusing on this interaction, communication and companionship I hope to create longer lasting happiness in furniture.

Many of us are trying to find happiness in consumption of things we don't really need.

But this joy is only temporary and soon you'll be wanting something else.

The question I asked myself was: 

Can we find a longer lasting happiness in materia?

Special thank's to

Svensk Fallskyddsteknik AB, Bomans lackering AB, CGT Metallvaruhuset, Nevotex, Sjöbo skärp,

SKF Kullager och Samuel Holt

This piece is a part of a furniture project together with 12 other designers ----> In contrast