I was locked in quarantine in Saigon 2021 and Covid was spreading outside. How could I help? I started to paint things in my apartment to auction out on-line, with 100% of the money going straight to charities in Vietnam that help those in need because of Covid.

Together with everyone that laid a bid and helped to share the project, we collected: 31,900,000 VND !

I'm really glad that art and design could be used to help in a social crisis like this.

The winning bidders chose these charities:

Saigon Children's Charity : will be distributing 16 backpacks for the people in need.

Social ChangeMakers : delivered food supply in their LockdownKindness charity effort.

Hội Bảo trợ trẻ em TP.HCM - HCMC Child Welfare Association : will transfer them to the Cau Han Project, a project that supports providing education for poor children that doesn't go to public school.

The Little Rose Shelter - Vietnam : provide food, clothing, education and entertainment for the children currently living in the shelter.

LIN Center for Community Development : donations will be accumulated in a funding pool of Covid-19 Response Community Fund and contributed to 11 selected organizations which are responding and helping their local communities

*Video editing by Ramos Rise

I painted in total 17 items and each of them has before and after images as well as photos from the process. There are several news publications about the project both in English and Vietnamese. For more information email;